What plants are best for trellises?

Many vining plants do well on a trellis. Hoyas especially love being trained around a trellis. Other plants such as philodendrons and pothos will also be able to wrap around the trellis, but may need some helping getting wrapped around.

Are trellises just for vining plants?

Our trellises can be paired with just about any plant. Not all plants will weave and wrap around the trellis, but they can also be there for upright support or just for decoration!

Can I use my trellis outside?

Yes! Copper will not rust and can withstand the elements. Just be aware, your trellis will tarnish/patina faster if it is placed outside (follow our care guide if you're looking to shine it back up!)

Why copper?

Copper is a malleable metal that allows for some flexibility while also providing support. Many decorative trellises out there are made of aluminum craft wire which are very flexible and provide little support. And unlike steel, copper does not rust. Copper wire creates a durable trellis that can last a lifetime.

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